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BERSERK ALERT! Book 2 Tony Zuvela


Tony Zuvela

Published February 9th 2014
56 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Tony Zuvela was born way back in the crazy, far out, groovy Sixties-62 in fact. He currently lives with the four people inside his head, somewhere in Australia. His Hobbies are Arthritis and Medication.Was once in the Television Industry as a Cameraman/Editor for 24 years.Cartooning and Painting is something Tony has been doing naturally on-and-off ever since he could walk, but nothing Professional, just doddles for Family and Friends- that is, until in 2004 he decided to give Cartooning a full-time red-hot go (the silly fool!), and hes never looked back- partly due to the Arthritis in his neck.His Cartoons have been sold, bought, used and licenced around the World in areas such as: The Movie Industry, Law Firms, Software Companies, Theatre and Arts, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Churches, Small Business, Blog Sites, Websites, Newsletters, Merchandise and much, much more- and this has kept him very happy and from going sane.